Kitchen Design and Remodel

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A kitchen design and remodel is probably what you need if:

You have you been avoiding cooking and eating in your kitchen by opting for restaurants and fastfood deliveries?

You notice yourself stressed in the morning when you’re about to have breakfast that you end up skipping it altogether?

A kitchen remodel is just what you need to get back to those delicious home-cooked meals!

Reports from Houzz’s Kitchen Trends reveals that homeowners with updated kitchen decor and flowing kitchen layout are happy to fix their plate of food and lead a healthier lifestyle than people with outdated kitchen designs.

At Tallahassee Kitchen and Bath Pros, we believe that Kitchens and bath spaces deserve a modern yet cozy design. After all, we spend a significant portion of our time in these places.

Beautiful and updated kitchen design and fixtures can encourage you to stay and enjoy your home. Growing and nurturing a family also get to be a lot easier. Entertaining guests get to be a happy and fulfilling experience.

Other reasons why you should consider a kitchen design and remodel are:

1. Make your daily routines a breeze

Our latest kitchen layout, furnitures and fixtures are both fresh and revolutionary to make your kitchen space work for you.

Gone is the charm of large vanity cabinets and clutter.

The minimalistic approach is all the rage now. Minimal but not lacking.

We do this by switching out deep cabinets into floating or narrow open shelves and sinks that make it easier to find your stuff as well as leaving you with much real estate.

Other kitchen remodel options to enhance the function of your space include installation of an eat-in-alcove, pullout pantry drawers and shelves and customized corner cabinets.

2. Get a colorful, vibrant and fresh look

The best home designs are comfortable and easy to love and live in. If your kitchen no longer excites you, then it’s time for a kitchen remodel.

At Tallahassee Kitchen and Bathroom Pros, we add warmth and personality to your kitchen.

We do kitchen backsplash and tiles, update sinks and countertops or customize cabinets.

3. Add to the value of your home

The kitchen is an important part of your home.

It is where families gather and prepare meals. It is where guests stay and socialize.

At Tallahassee Kitchen and Bath Pros, we offer a variety of kitchen and bath renovation that could improve the value of your home.

These include customized cabinets and countertops: While getting stock cabinets or painting what you already have seems like a great idea, nothing beats the charm of customized cabinets.

Choose the wood, style and finish that suits your lifestyle and give life to your otherwise dull kitchen.

Still not sure if you need a kitchen design and remodel? Give us a call at (850) 778-5905 to discuss your options. No obligations!